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About Us
about us

1-Exclusive representative for biggest international firms for wind turbines for electrification & water pumping.

 2-Pioneer Egyptian Co. for manufacturing of automatic combat shooting ranges & shooting training aids of all kinds used over the country .

3-Manufacturer of modern biomedical equipment.

4-General contractor for electric, mechanical, electronic and integrated works : -

-Delivery & erection of wind generators for electrification & water pumping .

-Delivery & erection of all kinds of cables, distribution panels and emergency power supplies of all kinds. -Delivery & erection of different kinds of laundry and kitchen equipment's for hospitals and camps.

-Delivery & erection of all types of central, split and window air-conditioning & ventilation systems.

-Delivery & erection of all types of different kinds of telephone systems, internal broadcasting's, fire alarm & extinguishing systems.

-Delivery & erection of different biomedical equipment.

5-Submitting of engineering services : consultations, erection, and maintenance works.

6-leading the design and manufacture of all agricultural waste recycling equipment.

7-leading the design and manufacture of charcoal production kilns..

Our vision of future

1-                       the importance of using modern technologies in the development of equipment produced by the company and the services they provide.

2-                       Constant update of scientific progress and its applications for the company's activities.

3-                       expansion in the provision of activities of the company locally and regionally

Our goals


1-                        To contribute to the improvement and concern for the environment in Egypt using modern technologies.

2-                        Treat a manufacturing base for renewable energy sources and the production of charcoal ovens.

3-                       The production of training equipment to shooting techniques developed to meet local needs and the needs of neighboring countries.

4-                       Development of the operation and maintenance in hospitals using personal computers and means of monitoring and remote control to raise the efficiency of performance.

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