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Products - Automatic Charcoal production kiln (10m3)

This method is based on heating in isolation from the air for wood and agricultural residues inside the coking vessels by pushing the hot air around it and inside the outer container, which is heat-insulated until the complete process of coking by the lube.
These kilns were produced in different capacities:
3 m 34, 4 m 3, 5 m, 10 m 3 are the capacities of the coking pot. Long operating experiments have been carried out for these kilns, which proved high efficiency and high quality of the product with a short cycle of coking.

The coking cycle represents the time required to fill the coking pot with wood and then the heating process until the end of the coking and then the cooling period, which is followed by the opening of the coking container and unloading the flour


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