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Minar Engineering Co. (MEC) established in the year 1978. MEC started with maintenance works in hospitals. The activities expanded to include electrical and manufacturing contracting works. In early 80’s, MEC started manufacturing of shooting ranges equipment for the Egyptian police. Nowadays MEC equipment are covering all shooting training fields all over Egypt; and export to surrounding countries had begun. In the early 90’s, MEC was the first Egyptian private sector company responsible for operation & maintenance (O&M) works for hospitals utilities. MEC was the pioneer Egyptian Co. in the field of renewable energies since 1989, specially wind energy. In 1992 the first Egyptian commercial wind park was established in Hurghada on the Red Sea coast by complete participation of MEC. MEC is a permanent participant in international and national conferences and exhibitions for Renewable Energies & Environmental Technologies. As a pioneer Egyptian company in many fields; we are proud with the wide spectrum of activities and overlooking to explore new fields.
Tactical Equipment
Solar water heaters
Automatic Charcoal production kiln (10m3)
Continuous Charcoal Production Unit (CCPU)(4×5m)
- 8/3/2014 وظائف خالية More
Panorama of the October 1973
Fields of training on the shooting
First farm wind power capacity of 1 MW in Egypt
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